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The group has come to be made up of professional musicians gathered from all corners of South Texas and, because of this, has come to produce music that is fun and rich in tradition. It is a bond of loyalty and dedication to the mariachi loving public that has kept Mariachi Cascabel together despite hardtimes.

Currently Mariachi Cascabel is made up of the Following members. Member pages are in production:
Joe Ely "El Mariachi Loco" Carrales, Violin/Trombone/Vocalist/Dancer/Arranger
Maria Isabel Salazar, Violin/Vocalist
Lisa Soliz, Violin/Vocalist
Leo Rangel, Violin(Summer 2001)

Jose A. Figarelli, El Director del Mariachi Cascabel/Trumpet/Arranger
Rolando Reyes, Trumpet/Vocalist/Dancer
Oscar Garcia, Trumpet

Tony Moreno, Guitar/Vihuela/Vocalist
Fidel Borrego, Guitar/Arranger
David Gonzales, Guitarron/Vocalist/Vihuela/Guitar

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